Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So this here blog has become my process work for honors major project. First things first, I've ditched pursuing the TIMOTHY idea as a main focus for major. What I've done is pushed him over to my OTHER paper (my post grad one) to THAT project which is on the study of hipsters. So triangle man may be fitting in mildly over on my tumblr. Thank god it wont be playing such a major part, that shit was getting stressful. My tumblr already had hipster stuff on it so it made sense not to start blogging about hipperz on here despite this already being TIMOTHY themed. IT JUST MAKES MORE SENSE THIS WAY.

So from here on, my major project has taken an entirely new direction.
For all yew loyal fanatics who care:

Is it just me or has blogspot functionality changed? has it been THAT long since blogging that iv'e forgotten how to blog? this sucks, jiss wanted ti put the above statement in bold for impact.

So the pitch would go liek thiss: (so many colons already)
New ways in which designers can collaborate with musicians in a digital world (referring of course to how all music is now net driven and things like album covers are foreign and weird) what can be done? A noticeable trait of bands currently in the music scene is that more and more are becoming conceptual. Bands like Kazam Blam, Gorillaz or Tapeman use stage personas consisting of costumes, often accompanied by live projected visuals that help tell a narrative or add to the overall concept aesthetically. So with this in mind I want to state the importance of how designers can play a part in this by branding a currently existing band. The band being 47 Diamantes cawze they are kill dudes! This would include designing the overall concept which would include characters (potentially), live visuals and logo etc that all play a part in the overall output. So with this i will post investigative research soonz.