Sunday, February 14, 2010


My Film review/analysis of a light hearted story of an orphan boy and orca whale.

Willy is free - he gets caught by marine people

Jesse is free - he is caught by police
Willy is put in an aquarium
Jesse is put in a foster home
Both the whale and the boy meet (orphan - orca. connection?)
Jesse is angry cause he has no parents
Willy is a sad whale cause he's away from his family
Jesse likes the colour blue
Willy lives in the ocean (also blue)
Jesse plays with the harmonica that makes weird wailing noises
Willy makes weird whaley noises
Willy is another name for penis
Jesse has a penis
Willy moves majestically in waves
Jesse spray paints majestic wave designs
Willy makes waves with his tail
Jesse has a mullet
Willy is restricted in his tank enclosure
Jesse is restricted in his foster home
Willy has a floppy fin
Jesse falls in water and becomes floppy from nearly drowning
Jesse throws fish for Willy and feeds
The bonding begins
A friendship is formed - two lonely mammals united as one
A social structure is important to an orca
A family is important to an orphan
Orcas love to be touched
Orphans... never mind
I wonder if they purpousfully kept Willy in a small enclosure to make his fin flap over whilst filming the movie. Some people do sick things to animals for their own personal benefit. I saw a clip on youtube from the 1960s of a scientist giving a cat LSD. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Would a whale be affected by LSD?
Willy and Jesse clearly have a special bond. Their friendship is exploited when Willy's owner wants to gain profit from merchandise between the two entangled love-mammals.
Willy is non-responsive and ruins show.
Jesse is confused.
Willys life is at stake as Willys owner tries to kill Willy to claim insurance money.
Jesse takes Willy
Willy is grateful
Jesse frees Willy
Willy has found a family
Through hard work and the cooperation involved in freeing a seventeen hundred pound whale, Jesse has formed a social structure around him of all those willing to care for him.
Two lonely and disconnected beings helped each other to become wholesome.

I think there used to be a cartoon of free willy where the whale talked. They did the same thing with bill and ted and back to the future. Whatever happened to cartoons made from successful blockbuster movies.

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