Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Who'd have thought my project would change oh so dramatically?
Ok so my dog died two days ago. I intend to travel to Wanganui to collaborate with the Rayner brothers, artists who run a gallery specializing in the creation of ceramic characters. I plan to make a ceramic figurine/urn to put the ashes of my dog in. I will film this process and turn it into a documentary. Along the way I will interview family members about their thoughts on my dogs life. I already have footage of her during her last moments on earth, being taken to the vet to be put down etc. I plan to interview the vet and ask him about the emotional aspects of having to put down animals. I could even ask the rayner brothers themselves about animal death and doggy after life. Overall I feel confident about this as its geared more toward the sort of direction i wish to pursure a career in. At this stage I am unsure of my 'point of difference' other than the fact that its a quirky documentary about a family pet dying and the impact that such an event has, and the questions it raises.

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